South Carolina native Dorian Wilson tells us about the Journey from being a student of photography to capturing life in the eyes of Scottie. 

I met up with Dorian to work with him on a beautiful summer day in Harlem, New York. He had recently promoted a photography special on his Instagram page and was only in town for a few days to fulfill it. I booked a session because I wanted some new shots but I also wanted to talk to him about his craft and figure out a little bit more about him. I arrived at his place and he greeted me wearing a vintage cowboy hat and distressed denim jeans. He shook my hand and treated me as if I was an old friend and not a client. I was in awe as I watched him transition from getting to know his subject to setting up his camera to shoot. It seemed effortless, and I knew I was going to walk away with a shot I was happy with. While he is not working he is a student of photography and is on a journey to mastering his craft. After the shoot, he sat down with me and discussed his path to overcoming depression and life's obstacles to becoming Scottie in our exclusive interview with The Lunch Bx. 



[Q] Describe where you are from and what was it like growing up?

I was born in Beaufort, South Carolina and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Growing up was an ordeal in itself. Ages 14-17 were the years of my life when I was rebellious and totally against authority. I used my creative mediums of choice to escape my reality, instead of dealing with my problems head on. I went through depression, running away from home, to being homeless, drugs, sex, yeah.


"Growing up was a defining milestone for me."




[Q] How did you get into photography?

My mother always taught me to think of the bigger picture. Approaching the end of my sophomore year of college, I was coming to a crossroads. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do in the next 5 years or so. Back when I was going through depression, I used to write a lot in order to escape my problems. That hobby inspired me to create various genres of stories, which lead into theatrical settings and plot lines. I figured I should be interested in Film Production. Upon looking up Master Degree programs in the subject, I noticed you had to have a film or photography portfolio in order to apply. I was more familiar with the camera, so I figured building a photography portfolio would be easier. Thus began the journey to where I am now. 







[Q] What images of yours are you most proud of and why?





One day I posted a tweet on twitter. It said: 




Ever since that day, I’ve been genuinely PROUD of All of the work that I’ve put out into the universe. It’s almost like my photography tastes are finally catching up to my photography skills.



[Q] What are some of your worst experiences while pursuing you dreams and how did you overcome them?

One of my biggest struggles was simply trying to be an artist full time when I was NOT ready. As much as I want that to be my reality right now, it’s not smart. There is nothing worse than creating art solely for money. Working with someone you don’t really want to work with because you have bills to pay, or you need food to eat.

Overcoming my trials was easy: FIND A DAY JOB! It is not ideal, especially for a passionate artist. However, keeping a day job teaches you essential skills and fundamentals that you will need once you are granted that one opportunity you’ve anxiously been waiting for.




"Overcoming my trails was easy: Find a day job!"

Victor and Me

Victor and Me


[Q] What is some advice you would give to a young photographer just getting started?

Find your muse. Find 2-3 personas or other photographers who get your creative juices flowing just by looking at their work. Really analyze and study your muse. Study them to the point where you can easily identify their work, every artist has their own style. You’d be surprised how much your muses can teach you just by watching and asking questions when applicable. 

[Q] What can a reader do to support you?

Share my work with family, friends, bloggers, other artists, etc! Anything to get my work seen by the masses! If you see my work on the internet or any social media channel, like and comment on it! If you see my work, but my name is not mentioned (which is copyrighting) put my name on it for me! It’s the little things that someone can do that puts a huge smile on my face and shows that you are truly Looking Through My Eyes. 

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