LRNDVS Mix: I Love Black Girls

Anxious about a fascist becoming The President of the United States? We have a great solution. 

Artwork by: LRNDVS

Artwork by: LRNDVS


While traveling the world from Norway to St Louis, international DJ and visual artist LRNDVS conjures up a dreamy laid back mix that is pro vibes and pro black girl. 

Check out the mix in our interview below. 

Which city has the best music scene and why?

I think in terms of diversity in music New York has the best scene. I've never been anywhere where dancehall was played on the radio, and I love that being from a Caribbean background.

I think Miami is also very great. Two very diverse cities so obviously that also influences the music. I also think that Oslo has tons of shows, they're able to bring out any musical guest, so they're pretty well versed in music there as well.  





What inspired you to start DJing?

Photo By: adrianleversby

Photo By: adrianleversby

I think the DJ really shifts the atmosphere, and I obviously feel that when I'm either at a bar, or an event, or a club. The music being played really shapes your experiences. It's interesting how a DJ can have so much influence or control on a particular event or situation. The music is what really brings people together, or sometimes we might not have fond memories of the night just by what the DJ is playing. I feel inspired by that alone, wanting to be a curator more than anything else. 

Describe the inspiration behind this mix?

Well initially I was looking for black female rappers and I wanted to find new ones, like we know the Nicki Minaj's and the Lil' Kim's so I was like who's new. That's how it started doing that initial research and then I just was like black women are doing so many awesome things in general -especially in vocals and in music, so I just kinda went down this rabbit hole. I remembered this quote that Gucci Mane said in a Breakfast Club interview and that kinda set the tone for the mix.

I wanted it to be something that black girls can get ready to when they're about to do some poppin' shit, when they're tryna look poppin', cause black girls are poppin'. 


What is your go to song when white people try you?

I guess my go to song changes all the time. If I'm feeling kinda down maybe it'll be like F.U.B.U. or Don't Touch My Hair, but the other day when Donald Trump was inaugurated I was feeling very militant, so Black Skinheads and Blood On The Leaves were great to listen to. 

let your hair down.