Fifi Rong


Fifi Rong offers us a snapshot of her musical awakening


Upon my first listen to Fifi Rong's Forbidden Desire EP a feeling of sudden serenity instantly overtakes my aural landscape. A soft voice oozes from my laptop speakers that feels like a sweet secret whispered in my ear. The feeling is both parts comforting and unsettling as the production of the song "Holy" employs subtle percussion reminiscent of a heart beating for a first love, or a love lost. 




Originally from China, Fifi landed in London during her teenage years and became immersed in the underground music scene. She ended up coming in contact with Grime artist Skepta through Twitter, and was featured prominently on his fourth studio album Konnichiwa. Since then she's been on a mission to define her sound with a commanding DIY attitude. In her words, this recent project is a 'snapshot' of her latest developments. To me, this EP feels like the calm before the storm. As I replay the title track Forbidden DesireI can't help but feel like we are witnessing an artist on a verge of a musical awakening. One that Fifi has kept in isolation until her forthcoming album drops later this year. 

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